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Listen to Traffic Monsoon's members from Australia...

Traffic Monsoon's Members Came To UK From Around The World To Say Laudly That S.E.C. Is Wrong...

Brighton Pier Beach - 27th of August 2016 - REVOLUTION DAY

S.E.C. Can You Hear Our Voices?

S.E.C. Whose Interest Do You Represent?

Important Points For You All To Be Aware Of:

++ Traffic Monsoon had more than enough money to pay everyone what they earned ++
++ Traffic Monsoon had more than enough money to ALSO purchase ALL the services needed to complete your orders on TM through multiple websites ++
++ Traffic Monsoon never sold an investment ++
++ Every Customer Is Made Full Aware of What TM offers & That It Does Not Offer an Investment ++
++ If PayPal did not hold money, everyone would have been paid without any problems ++
++ If PayPal did not hold the money, everyone's services would have been delivered without problems ++
++ If the SEC did not interrupt the business, Everyone would be paid without a problem and everyone's services would be delivered without a problem ++
++ Traffic Monsoon gives its profit margins to adpack customers ONLY WHEN they meet surfing qualification ++
++ Only Real Money is EVER Given Which Truly Exists From Actual Profit Margins ++
++ Traffic Monsoon specifically tells potential customers this is not a place to deposit your money as a security or investment ++
++ Each person who signs up to the website agrees that when they make a purchase of service it is for service, and not an investment ++
++ Each person who signs up also agrees to a no-refund policy, and the terms of service advises all who sign-up not to purchase more than they can afford to spend on ad service ++

|| Traffic Monsoon is Not an Investment || Traffic Monsoon is Not a Security || The SEC is over-reaching their jurisdiction ||

Traffic Monsoon is a legitimate business which sells ad service, and gives its profit margins to customers when they click ads in the traffic exchange. Amounts received per customer are CAPPED and NOT guaranteed. Traffic Monsoon pays free members for clicking on ads. Traffic Monsoon pays matching referral earnings on free members who click ads and their referrals who also hold no purchase requirement. Traffic Monsoon offers sales commissions on services sold without any purchase requirement to earn commissions.

HUGE Impact From TRAFFIC MONSOON Members's Side From Around The World... 

We Are 100% Behind Charles Scoville And TRAFFIC MONSOON!

S.E.C. About Whom You Care? About Traffic Monsoon's Members? No, No...

- you broke reputation of Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville
- you broke reputation of every single member/customer
- you stopped our businesses
- you stopped delivering services purchased by us
- you destroyed 1000's people's lives!
- you and PayPal frozen our earned money

You try to destroy honest company and owner...

Do you call it "the law"? So whose law do you represent?

Lots Of Traffic Monsoon's Customers Speak The Same Voice... Fully SUPPORT Charles Scoville And TRAFFIC MONSOON!
Members From Venezuela, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Slovakia, India, Canada, Bangladesh, Italy, The Netherlands and from many more...

What Is The Truth S.E.C.? We Know It! ...And You?

Police Officer (and Traffic Monsoon's customer) from Manchester (UK) says TO S.E.C.: "(...) WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW IS CRIMINAL! WHAT PAYPAL DID TO US THIS YEAR - WAS CRIMINAL (...)" - Jump To 36:05 Minute in Video...

Who can know Traffic Monsoon better? - people from S.E.C. who never used that advertising platform and don't know it from inside or customers/members who were using ad services and used all available possibilities on that platform? 


This Is Also For You Dear S.E.C.

In this video you can see a proof, that you say bullshits about TRAFFIC MONSOON company, about Charles Scoville and about us (customers of Traffic Monsoon)...

Here is an awesome testimonial from Christophe, who say how TRAFFIC MONSOON changed his life and later how you Dear S.E.C. have changed his life (unfortunatelly in a negative way).
Yes, you do it S.E.C.

Charles (Scoville) is a very honest man... 
Message to S.E.C. from Wendy Miller

Traffic Monsoon reward you for your efforts...
Dear S.E.C., please watch this video and think about it...

We Think This Screenshot Below Shows Traffic From Traffic Monsoon... And You Dear S.E.C.? What Can You See? - Investment? Fraud?

1st of November 2016 is a day when
The Truth will be revealed!
...the Truth about TRAFFIC MONSOON,  about Charles Scoville and about us (customers of Traffic Monsoon)

If you are Traffic Monsoon's cutomer - you can help. You can come for the preliminary injunction on 1-st of November 2016 in Salt Lake City Utah!

If you are a man:
- who actually obtained traffic, tracked, and verified to have received visitors and grew your contact list, generated some sales, etc.
- who promoted Traffic Monsoon, who earned a full-time income from selling Traffic Monsoon services and walked away from your job in order to sell Traffic Monsoon as your only source of income.
- who sold products on Traffic Monsoon - verified sales came direct from traffic received on Traffic Monsoon.

If you want to be with us in Salt Lake City, we need your:
1. Full Name
2. Address
3. Phone Number
4. Confirmation of flight details to confirm you will be there

Please contact with Sharon James on Facebook and send to her those information www.facebook.com/UKDreamteam

"It's Not OVER Until You Win!" - Les Brown

If you want to help, you can join "Traffic Monsoon Sunil" Facebook group and also:

Join the fight with INJUSTICE This Way...


S.E.C. Give Us Our Money, Purchased Services, Traffic Monsoon Platform BACK!

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